Hello Dolly

Topics: New York City, Woman, Hay Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Music Appreciation
Julie Steele
Hello, Dolly! Review

The storyline of Hello, Dolly!, is based on an 1835 English play titled, A Day Well Spent. Hello, Dolly! takes place in Yonkers and New York City, NY in the 1890’s and is an exciting and passionate musical. Dolly Levi is a widow who meddles in matchmaker services, dance instruction, and numerous sideline jobs, similar to a girl Friday. Dolly is a brassy, larger than life character, who has set her sights on grumpy Mr. Vandergelder, a wealthy (half-millionaire) business owner in Yonkers, NY. Mr. Vandergelder has hired Dolly to find him a wife, only because he wants someone to cook, clean and be there we he needs them, not because he wants to get married. As Dolly arrives in Yonkers, Vandergelder has just ruffled the feathers of Ambrose Kemper, fiancé of Ermengarde his niece. Vandergelder does not think Kemper; a young artist can support his niece and guarantee her a secure life. Dolly approaches Vandergelder’s Hay and Feed store where he gives his arrogant alpha male view in the song, “It Takes a Woman”. Vandergelder leaves for NYC to march in the 14th street association parade and propose to the window Ms. Molloy, who owns a hat shop. Dolly then begins her meddling and concocts a plan for Ambrose and Ermengarde to be together in a dance competition at the Harmonia Gardens Restaurant, to show Vandergelder his ability to be a bread winner for Ermengarde. Dolly also schemes with Vandergelder’s store help, Cornelius and Barnaby to go to NYC and have a well deserved night on the town with two lovely ladies. One of the ladies being Ms, Molloy, Vandergelders intended proposal. Cornelius and Barnaby blow up tomato cans to create a terrible smell for a good alibi to close the store for the night and set off for Ms. Molloys hat store. Ms Molloy and her helper Minnie open up the store and in come Cornelius and Barnaby pretending to be wealthy customers. As the four engage in small talk...
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