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Topics: Difference Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Thesis and Restatement/20Rachel Gealer
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Six Differences/20 3rd hr
Topic sentences in each paragraph/10
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“Hello, Dolly!” and The Matchmaker Compare and Contrast Essay “Money, pardon the expression, is like manure. It’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around, encouraging young things to grow” –Dolly Levi. In “Hello, Dolly!” Dolly is a Matchmaker who is in love with Mr. Vandergelder and wants to marry him. The Matchmaker is about three couples and how they end up together. These two stories are basically the same story minus a couple details. “Hello, Dolly!” and The Matchmaker are alike because they have the same concept but are different because they have different characters and places. The Matchmaker is better because it goes more into detail than “Hello, Dolly!”.

To begin, both stories have the same concept of people fighting then certain people ending up together. Ermengarde and Ambrose want to get marries but Mr. Vandergelder does not want them to. So they sneak off to New York, where they end up seeing him and Harmonia Gardens. Mr. Vandergelder sees them, he also sees Barnaby, Cornelius, Minnie, and Ms. Malloy. What Mr. Vandergelder does not know is that Barnaby and Cornelius were at Ms. Malloy’s shop earlier when he was in the shop also. Cornelius hid in a closet and Barnaby hid under a table. This shows how both stories have many things that are the same, like how they all end up at Harmonia Gardens at the same time. This happens in both stories and those are just a few of the very many there are.

“Hello, Dolly!” and The Matchmaker are different because they have different characters and a couple of different places where the scenes take place. In the play there is Malachi Stack, Miss VanHuysen, Joe the Cabman, and the cook. In the movie none of these characters show up. Then they also go to Miss. VanHuysen’s house in the play but...
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