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1. hello Increased Employee Productivity
* Companies that monitor employee computers report increased employee productivity when they implement this type of policy. According to the Computer Monitoring website, most employees use company computers for non-work-related activities, such as online shopping, games, stock trading, personal emails, instant chat conversations and music downloads. This adds up over time, and companies can lose money when their employees are getting paid for non-productive hours. Atmosphere of Distrust

* One of the major disadvantages of implementing employee computer monitoring programs is that it can create a tense work environment. Some employees may feel as if the management team doesn't trust them, and this can lead to job dissatisfaction and turnover. Most young workers are so accustomed to the different Internet tools, they may be discouraged from working for a company that blocks them from certain websites or prohibits any type of non-work-related computer activities. Personal vs. Professional Time

* If your company culture includes non-traditional work hours, such as regular overtime, working lunches and company-issued laptops or smartphones, you may be faced with issues when implementing a computer monitoring policy. When employers expect employees to be on call at all hours, including responding to emails or phone calls during non-working hours, then there is a fine line between personal and professional time. For example, if you don't want your employee to leave the office for his allotted hour lunch break, then he should be allowed to take care of personal business during the workday. Sponsored Links

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