Helen Keller

Topics: Helen Keller, Anne Sullivan Macy, The Miracle Worker Pages: 2 (831 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Helen Keller
Have you ever imagined living in a world without sound and never able to hear a bird singing? Can you ever envision living in a world of darkness and never seeing a beautiful rainbow? Millions of deaf blind people have experienced this. One such person who lived in a dark and soundless world, who had never heard a bird singing or had seen a beautiful rainbow found a way to bring light to many other people. My hero is Helen Keller because she was an indefatigable, intelligent, and devoted person. Helen Keller was indefatigable because she did not give up when she was facing the worse illness in her life. On June 27, 1880 Helen Keller was born in a little town of northern Alabama. Keller’s life was wonderful at first, her parents treated her very well. Then nightmare shattered the family, a horrible disease permanently damaged Keller’s senses of hearing and sight when she was only 19 months old. Keller’s life was dark and glooming after her illness. She could not do anything until Anne Mansfield Sullivan came into her life. Sullivan started teaching Keller alphabet by using her fingers to spell letters into Keller’s hand. At first Keller was very confused. However, she did not give up trying. She soon knew how to spell many words in the correct order, but she did not know what the words meant. One day, Sullivan took Keller outside to the water pump, she put a stream of water over Keller’s hands as she spelled the word, “water”. Keller suddenly realized that water means the cool thing that was flowing over her hands. Keller showed her indefatigable spirit through her hard work. It seemed like an impossible task, but she did it. She gave me the strength to believe that I can do the same thing too. Keller was very intelligent. She wrote so many great books that influenced many other people. As Keller was growing up, she could soon write and speak with Sullivan’s help. Keller took the preliminary examinations for Radcliffe College and was accepted in...
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