Heat and Dust Quotes Related to Belonging

Topics: Barbarian, India Pages: 4 (1516 words) Published: February 13, 2011
Heat and Dust Quotes
Page 2: “India always changes people, and I have been no exception” Page 3: “You’ll learn soon enough, everyone does… you have to be very careful with your food in the beginning, and whatever you do no food from these stalls” Page 3: “ghostly light that she looks like a ghost; and she’s wearing a white night-gown that encases her from head to foot” Page 4: “Thirty years ago I might have said there is hope: but today – none. Where ever you look it’s the same story. More wages means more selfishness, more country liquor, more cinema.” Page 9: “I suppose we must look strange to them, and what must also be strange is the way we are living among them – no longer apart, but eating their food and often wearing Indian clothes because they are cooler and cheaper” Page 9: “I now wear a pair of baggy trousers tied with a string at the waist such as the Punjabi peasant women wear…. I’m now dressed as a Indian woman” Page 9: “I’m sure they will soon get used to me”

Page 11: “Khatm just huddles in the shadow of the Nawab’s palace. .. no one left in there, doesn’t know what to do with itself.” Page 12: “But the place is empty now, it is just a marble shell. The furnishings has been sold off in European auction rooms, and all that is left, here and there like shipwrecks floating…”” Page 21: “ “Why did you come?” I asked her… “To find peace” She laughed grimly:”But all I found was dysentery” ” Page 24: “All the graves are in very bad condition – weed-choked,…. Once graves are broken and overgrown in this way, then the people in them are truly dead. The “Indian Christian grave at the front of the cemetery, which are still kept up by relatives, seem by contrast strangely alive, contemporary” Page 52: “I am no longer change into a nightie but sleep like an Indian woman, in a sari” Page 52: “I have never known such a sense of communion”

Page 52: “the whole town and I am a part of it. How different from my often very lonely room in London with only my own walls...
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