Kite Runner Review

Topics: Pakistan, Hazara people, Afghanistan Pages: 10 (3249 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Assignment 4
Chapters 10-11
1. What is Karim's job?
He is a people smuggler. He gets people out of Afghanistan. 2. To what country do Amir and his father first seek for safety from Afghanistan? They head to Pakistan for safety.
3. What country has a presence in Afghanistan as Amir and his father leave? Russian soldiers are in Afghanistan during this time.
4. At the first checkpoint Amir's father stands up and confronts the Russian soldiers, putting himself in danger. Why?
One of the Russian soldiers wants to rape an Afghan woman on the bus. 5. Where do Amir and his father wait with the others trying to leave Afghanistan as new truck parts are ordered?
They wait crammed into a cold, dark basement with rats running around. 6. Amir listens to his father speak with Kamal's father. What does he say happened to Kamal?
Kamal's father explains that Kamal was beaten up and raped by four people and no longer talks at all.
7. How do Amir and his father travel on the second leg of their trip to safety? They are put into an empty fuel tank with several others. There is absolutely no light, the air they breathe is full of gasoline fumes, and they cannot move or get out for quite some time.

20 Copyright 2008 Teacher's Pet Publications, Inc. 8. When Amir's father tries to use a check to purchase food, he is shocked that he is asked for ID. He can't believe the lack of trust in America. Instead of a credit card, what method did they use in Afghanistan?

They would snap a tree branch and use it as a credit card. The merchant would make a notch each time something was purchased and at the end of the month they would pay for the number of notches.
9. How does Amir's father react when he is given food stamps? Amir's father returns them and says that he will work for money for food and that he doesn't need charity.
10. What does Amir do that prompts his father to tell him he is proud of his son? When Amir graduates from high school his father tells him he is proud. 11. Why does Amir's father buy an old Volkswagon bus?

He buys a bus so they can go to garage sales and load up on cheap stuff to sell for a profit at the flea market.
12. What does Amir have a hard time forgetting about after leaving the flea market? He can't forget a beautiful girl he met, Soraya Taheri.
Assignment 5
Chapters 12-13
1. What harm can come from Amir talking to Soraya without the formal permission and supervision from her father?
Everyone would gossip about her and equate her to being "easy" for talking to him. 2. What does Soraya's mother think of Amir's talking to her daughter without permission? She adores Amir and has no problem with them talking to each other. She hopes he will fall for her daughter and be a suitor for her.

3. What does Soraya want to do with her life?
She wants to be a teacher even though her mother and father would prefer her to be a doctor or lawyer.
4. Compare and contrast how Amir and Soraya treated their illiterate servants when they were young.
Amir would make fun of Hassan for not knowing what words meant and would play games with him when reading so he would feel dumb. Soraya took great pleasure in teaching her servant to read and write so she could communicate with her sister. 5. What does General Taheri catch Amir giving to Soraya?

The General catches Amir giving Soraya one of the short stories he wrote. 6. What does Amir find out about Baba's health?
His father has Oat Cell Carcinoma, an advanced and inoperable form of cancer. 7. What one last request does Amir have for his father after he is released from the hosptial?
Amir asks his father to arrange his marriage with Soraya.
8. What does Soraya confess to Amir?
She tells him that she has been with another man. She explains that she ran away from home and lived with her boyfriend for a month until her father came and forced her to come home.
9. Who does Amir wish was present at his wedding? Who does he...
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