Healthy Snack Activity Plan

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Activity Planning Sheet

Activity Title: Making a healthy Snack|
Age of children: 4-5 years Setting or Class: ClassroomGrouping of children:6| Aim: To make a healthy snack with the children.|
Resources: Peppers, Cucumber, Tomato, Sweetcorn, Tuna, Chicken, Ham, Wraps, Kitchen Foil, Spoons, Forks.| Curriculum used: Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)|
Learning Outcomes:Physical Development: Health and Self-Care30-50 months statements“Can tell adults when hungry or tired or when they want to rest of play”.“Understands that equipment and tools have to be used safely.”“Can usually manage washing and drying hands”.40-60+ months statements“Eats a healthy range of foods and understands need for variety in food”.“Shows some understanding that good practices with regard to eating and hygiene can contribute to good health”.Early Learning Goal“Children know the importance for good health of physical exercise, and healthy diet, and talk about ways to keep healthy and safe”.| Description of Activity:I will let the children sit down and make together a healthy eating wrap that they can take home to eat. I will introduce the different kind of vegetables that I have come prepared with. | Differentiation:I will adapt the activity by giving them a demonstration of how to make a wrap first, before they go and make one themselves. I could also leave a picture of a wrap on the table so they have an idea of how to make one. To make the activity more challenging, I can explain how to make it, and let them go ahead and carry the activity by themselves. | Adaptations for particular needs:With a child with ADHD I will adapt this activity by ensuring that I make it fun for the children and let them be involved at all times.| Anti-discriminatory practice:I will ensure that I include all children within the activity, making sure that every child has had the opportunity to make a wrap on their own. I will also ensure that I provide a variety of different vegetables, so that all the children are able to put vegetables that they like in their wrap; this will encourage the children.| Every Child Matters Outcomes promoted:From the Every Child Matters Framework ‘Be healthy’ would link in to my activity because the children will be making a healthy snack to eat. From the Every Child Matters Framework ‘Make a positive contribution’ would link into my activity as all the children will have a chance to make their own healthy wrap.From the Every Child Matters Framework ‘Enjoy and Achieve’ would link into my activity because the children are able to have fun with it, and will then learn a healthy snack that they can make in the future.| Implementation:Before I carry out with my activity, I will have to ask my supervisors permission to carry out the activity and then arrange 3 possible dates with my supervisor in which I am able to do the activity with the children. I will also have to carry out a health and safety check to ensure that there is nothing that could harm the children throughout the activity.Before I start my activity, I will ensure that I have a few minutes of preparation time to allow myself to get all the vegetables, other foods and equipment I need and set it out on the tables that have been provided. I will start the activity by selecting a small group of children, then making sure they have washed their hands before touching the foods. I will then sit the children down at the table and explain and demonstrate how to make a wrap; I will introduce the different variety of foods and vegetables to them that I have provided for them to use. I will then give them the chance on their own to make their wrap, having guidance from me if they ask too. I will help the children achieve the 30-50 month Physical Development: Health and Self-Care statement “Can tell adults when hungry or tired or when they want to rest of play” by asking the children whether they think the foods are healthy and unhealthy...
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