Healthy Lifestyle

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Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to everyone, whether doing exercises in the gym, eating healthy food or just assuming positive energy in some other way. Healthy lifestyle means different things to different people - while health is different for each of us, we all have the ability to make healthy lifestyle choices the most available and appropriate to us.

In this essay I will express my personal point of view on what I understand with „Healthy Lifestyle”. In this paragraph I will express my opinion on the importance of person's physical health in one's lifetime. The first condition for good health is our physical health - what we eat, how much sleep we get, how often we exercise - all these things affect our physical body. Many people when they feel good doesn't really value the greatest treasure they have - good health. Only when they start to feel some problems with their health (such as depression, diabetes, heart disease etc.), they start to think seriously about their health. Actually, the importance of physical health I also understood quiet recently when I started to suffer from health problems. It made me re-arrange my attitude to my body, physical condition and life overall. I can definitely say that good physical condition - it is the key for being happy, successful and beautiful. In this paragraph I will explain my opinion on the importance of person's mental health during one's lifetime.

The second condition for healthy lifestyle is our mental health - what kind of job we do, whether or not we enjoy what we do in everyday life, how we cope with stress, our personal and professional relationships. High-pressure jobs, family problems, financial problems - there is no end to it, are contributing factors to the stress. We can’t completely exclude stress from our lives, but we can learn to prevent it by understanding that we are alive human beings not machines and sometimes just to say „NO” to...
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