Healthy Habits

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Digestion Pages: 5 (1706 words) Published: November 4, 2007
Were you aware that 58 Million People in this country are overweight? From that number around 40 Million are considered obese. We live in a world, where everything is almost instant. We can go to a drive up window and receive a fast, hot meal in less than 3 minutes. Everything is about fast. Sometimes, going too fast is not good for us. We often substitute healthy food for a quick cheap meal. While it is hard to balance a healthy diet in a business environment, a healthy diet, included with healthy habits, can change our life. The body is a unique system that creates its own energy by breaking down food that we eat. The digestive system is the main factor in the breakdown. Everything that enters our mouth ends up there. The higher our diet of sugars and fats, the more work it takes for our digestive system to create enzymes for the breakdown. According to author Joanna Ammons in her article "Digestive enzymes-Why everyone should take them," she states "Since Enzymes are a crucial function in the body; a deficiency can also lead to more serious illnesses or diseases." There are many illnesses that can be prevented by creating a healthy diet. The improper nutrition intake, in fact, increases certain toxins in our body that are absorbed through food. Many by - products that release toxins into our bodies can cause acne, yeast infections, food allergies and even asthma.

By changing many of our unhealthy habits with healthy we can increase our productivity at work as well as at home. We can have a more productive life by doing a few simple changes. Instead of eating that fat laden sandwich on the way to work, why not take the time to eat a high fiber diet that can curb the food cravings throughout the day. Instead of drinking high sugar content drinks, increase water intake throughout the day. When a sugar craving attacks, reach for fruit instead of high processed sugars. The healthier our food options, the more energy we create for ourselves, helping us throughout the day to be more productive. Our bodies need certain sugars and carbohydrates to survive, but there are some foods that can make us feel tired, or weak when the day has just began. That could be a sign that the body needs to have some changes done to it. Healthy habits can help everyone by increasing the serotonin levels in our brains, so that we can be more psychologically fit. According to an article written by H. Bernard Wechsler he explains that serotonin "involves the control of your appetite, sleep, your heart and how your mood operates." By adding a general workout to our life we can increase the energy levels as well as balance the chemical imbalances that are caused by day-to-day functions like stress or overeating. Certain foods can give us the added nutrients that our bodies need to function. Ever notice that after a stressful day one of the habits is to sit in front of the television and eat a pint of ice cream. A feeling of content begins, but not long after that indulge, the negative feeling comes again. This could mean that an addiction to a wrong type of food is in the process. By increasing the serotonin levels the right way, a more positive outlook on life can happen. A habit that most people do not realize is unhealthy or a habit at all is negative thinking. It may not be realize that it is being done until it is in effect. Negative thinking can create unhealthy habits. According to Trevor Dumbleton, "Obesity can be caused by stress. Comfort eating is often used to help reduce stress. That tasty looking chocolate cake can quite likely reduce your stress in the short term but could lead to obesity if you resort to comfort eating to reduce your stress too often." By changing thoughts to a more positive outlook, well-being can be created, physically and emotionally. Instead of looking at a situation as catastrophic, remain calm and understand it better. Come to the realization that it has happen and accept it. By creating negative thinking a...
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