Healthcare Introduction

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Introduction to healthcare
Healthcare in United States has been a topic of discussion for many generations. Improving the quality and quantity of life is why healthcare delivery has evolved from the traditional family doctor providing the majority of the care to a team of healthcare professionals across a continuum of care. In the past, health care was designed to focus on the major health problems like epidemics. In addition, technology to handle the predominant health problems was virtually nonexistent. Individuals were left on their own resources to pay for doctor’s services. Furthermore, people were actively involved in giving care to their families (Williams & Torrens, 2008). Due to research and development, more and more diseases have been identified and they have been categorized and given to different health care professional. Technological advances have made it possible to cure many fetal health issues, even though; it comes at a steep price. Furthermore, internet access has made people better informed about illness and treatment. Government influences have created many financial organizations to help people afford such an expensive care. They have enabled elderly to afford treatment by establishing programs like medicare and medicaid. In addition to government, insurance companies have directly influenced the structure of the healthcare industry today. Provider, government, and insurer that are mentioned above are the three basic elements of the American healthcare system. Provider can be a clinic, hospital, or group healthcare professionals that provide service to the patient. They are supposed to act unselfishly to put patient’s health and interest above their own. Government has establishes Food and Drug Administration for regulating and controlling medications (Williams & Torrens, 2008). They have also established programs to help individuals that cannot provide for themselves. Lastly, insurer is a person or a company that offers insurance policies for premium. History of healthcare and how it has really evolved into an entity is really an exceptional fact. I have always been interested in working with healthcare professionals to provide better service to patients. Healthcare profession requires both integrity and discipline. With both of those qualities and a position as a senior executive, I will be able to bring forth positive change and policies that are beneficial to all. Professions in Healthcare

Everyone thinks of doctors and nurses as working in the same environment. In the physical sense, they obviously do. Most healthcare professionals work in the hospital environment, where patients are being cared for in a high-intensity environment around the clock. Doctors and nurses first differ in their job descriptions. In most cases, the doctor is tasked with examining and diagnosing patients. A nurse, on the other hand, will have a more hands-on role with physically treating a patient based on the doctor's diagnosis. Nurses often joke that they are just as knowledgeable, yet are paid less and charged with performing most of the work. However, both jobs can be physically and emotionally demanding. It should be pointed out that the role of a nurse is not always as a subordinate to doctors. Advanced nurses, such as nurse practitioners, will also diagnose patients and can even prescribe medication. Another major difference between a doctor and nurse is their salary. While not always true, the average doctor earns a higher yearly income than the average nurse. According to a 2006 study by Allied Physicians Incorporated, a hospital staff nurse earns an average of $45,000 a year. A hospital staff doctor, however, earns well into the six figures in the first year of practice. While an advanced practice nurse in a supervisory position could take in at least $75,000, an experienced surgeon could earn over $1 million. Nurses and doctors also differ in length of college study. While some nurses obtain...
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