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People say that college years are the most pleasurable phase for experimentation anddiscovery of oneself. Aside from learning, students are acquainted with different people comingfrom different regions and countries. These results to sudden adjustments and peer pressurethat gets in the way of the students‟

behaviour and changes. Even worst is the abrupt practicesstudents adopt from others that includes vices.The purpose of this study is to have advance knowledge about the vices of collegestudents in the present time. Knowing the types of vices that are circulating around campuseswould give information not only for the researcher buts also for the readers, educators andparents who are significantly involved in this study.The study will include surveys and interviews among college students for the purpose ofcoming up with the research. It attempts to know the percentage of students who engages inthese practices and also to know more vices that are not known to many but are being practicedby some students.

Chapter 1Background of the Study
College years are threshold for changes. It is the phase where self-discovery andinvolvement in career setting take place. It becomes a new educational ground and experiencefor students who pursue their education away from home. It is much of a test andindependence seeing that detachment from parents happens. And because of too muchfreedom of college students, they are prone in serious engagement to different experiences andpressures particularly vices.Vices are forms of undesirable practices, habits or behaviours in the society. These aresocial problems that go against societal norms and values. From the moment that a person ison a stage of being exposed to a new set of people and surroundings, pressure and influencesare on hand. In most cases, vices are usually seen being carried out by students and so forth.Many factors contribute why the youth most specially the college students engage in vices. Itcould be problems from home, relationships and school obligations. It could also be drawn bypeer pressure, too much depression or personal difficulties.Taking into account the social problems that occur among college students nowadays,the researchers decided to study the usual vices which college students participate in and theirpersonal reasons for these practices and behaviours. Lastly, it would be a great knowledge onthe part of the researchers to know the percentage of college students who engages in socialvices at the present time. Statement of the Problem

Smoking, drinking and gaming are only some of the usual vices of college students inthe present time that are known for many. Aside from the said list, there are still a number ofvices to find out on which some educators and tertiary universities fail to take into account. It isnecessary to conduct this study to further recognize the reasons behind the student‟s

engagement in vices since it has a big influence over their studies. Objectives of the Study
The study aims:

To know the different vices of college students

To know the percentage of college students who engages in taking vices 
To know the reasons why college students engage in taking vices Significance of the Study
The study of vices among college students will be beneficial for secondary and tertiaryschools to increase their awareness about students‟
vices. It would also be substantial foreducators to
know their students‟ b
ehaviour beyond campus grounds, since in most cases;student
studies are seriously influenced by these social vices. Recognizing about theseimmoral practices would greatly impart signals to educators for them to help students shapetheir moral values. Also, it would be of help for parents, for them to be aware of their sons‟/daughters‟

conditions and problems in school, home or other relationships. Scope and Limitations
The scope of this study is centered on college
students‟ vices.
However, this study willonly cover...
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