Healthcare in America

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Healthcare in America
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Table of Contents
Healthcare in America
I. Introduction
A. Has Healthcare changed in America?
II. Healthcare Concern
A. How is Healthcare affecting families today?
B. Pros & Cons
III. Healthcare should be funded by State Government
A. Concerns of American people who will
IV. What obstacle creating Universal Healthcare System in America? A. Cost
B. Will state government help meet these expenses?
V. President Obama views on Healthcare
A. Healthcare for all Americans
B. Affordable Healthcare for low income families
VI. American Dream
A. Determine to achieve
B. Fair opportunity for all people
VII. Conclusion

Healthcare in America
Today, working Americans struggle with the high cost of Healthcare. This includes the rising cost of medications that is needed on continuing bases. As the economy cost continues to rise with little or no cost of living increase. Millions of Americans who don’t have any Healthcare suffer with untreatable illness. Question arises, Should the Government pay for Healthcare? We would wonder what obstacles are creating a Universal Healthcare System in America. In early October, Gallup found 40% of Americans saying they would advise their member of the congress to vote for a Healthcare bill and 36% would advise going against it. Americans are divided. What happen to the “American Dream”? Americans are really concern about the healthcare and some feel the government should pay for the healthcare. Has the Healthcare changed in America lately? Yes, it has affected many Americans today. The reality today is many families are facing the need for having affordable Healthcare and the Government should be responsible for paying the Healthcare of many American families. It has made a tremendous impact not just in general, but on society itself. Though the Healthcare reform bill has passed, many senior citizens and older Americans may continue to be concern or confused about how it will affect them. There are many Healthcare concerns today on how it will affect everyone, especially for families that can be struggling or facing hard times. Some reasons it may affect families is many insurance companies don’t allow adult children to remain on their parents’ plan once they reach 19 or leave school and it will no longer be allowed “drop” if get sick. The Pros of the Healthcare affecting families is the reform will push the cost down, Healthcare is a human right and Americans should have the right to Healthcare as do citizens of other nations. The Cons are no one should be entitled to Healthcare because it is a service and a material good that a person must pay for to obtain. It shouldn’t be considered a right, because the Preamble of the Constitution states and if the Healthcare is considered a right, then government bureaucrats will be making health, life, and death decisions that should be up to the patient and doctor to decide. The Healthcare should be funded by the State Government, because it all begins with state level of Government. Most Healthcare functions were limited to local populations so it was logical for the state to regulate them, but most importantly, the State Government has legal jurisdiction over local matters of public health and safety. The Federal Government has regulated health matters by virtue of two powers granted to the federal government in the federal constitution. The first power is to directly regulate commerce between the states. The second federal power is the authority to spend money for general welfare of the people of the United States. The States regulate Healthcare in three ways by setting and enforcing standards for Healthcare organizations, professionals, and the environment, creating health programs or purchasing services for poor...
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