Health Promotion Community Project Paper

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Health care Pages: 9 (3904 words) Published: October 20, 2010
Health Promotion/Community Health Project and Paper
Focus Group of Forest Park Howard Mohr Community Center
After-School Program
Forest Park, IL

By Susan Reighard
Population Health
Loyola University New Orleans Online
Course Instructor: Dr. Angelique White-Williams
May 2010

Health Promotion/Community Health Project and Paper: Focus Group of Forest Park Howard Mohr Community Center After-School Program, Forest Park, IL The purpose of this paper is to summarize and detail the observations, interventions, and activities performed at the After-School Program held daily at the Howard Mohr Community Center in Forest Park, IL. The activities listed were instituted in order to promote health and prevent disease to the aggregate group of school-aged children from Kindergarten through 5th grade who attend the after-school program. This paper includes a profile of the community of Forest Park, the strengths and challenges of the community, a list of nursing diagnoses to address health problems identified in the aggregate group, detailed plans to address the identified health problems, how the plan and interventions will benefit the aggregate group, and an evaluation of the formal lesson plan presented to the group. A Profile of the Forest Park, IL Community

The community or village of Forest Park, Illinois is over 100 years old. Forest Park is home to multiple cemeteries and was known as “The City of Cemeteries”. At one time, Forest Park boasted to having more dead residents than live ones. The estimated ratio of dead residents to live residents is 30:1, (Wikipedia, 2010). According to, the population in July 2008 was 15,224 residents. The median age of the residents is 35.7 years old. The median household income is $52,420/year. The estimated per capita income was $33,015/year. The estimated state per capita income is $38,409/year, (US Census Bureau, 2009). The racial mix of Forest Park is 52.1% White, 31.2% Black, 7.8% Hispanic, and all other races making up 12.7% of the population, (City Data .Com, 2010). There is evidence of a strong Irish and Polish heritage noted in the community during the Windshield Survey activity with many Irish pubs and Polish restaurants and churches. Catholics comprise 69.3% of the religious affiliation of the people who attend church in the community. Most of the houses observed during the Windshield Survey were built in the 1950’s to 1970’s. The majority of the houses are single family two-story dwellings, although there are a number of large multi-leveled apartment buildings near the center of the town. Most of the houses in the community are in very close proximity to one another, leaving very little room for yards or playgrounds. The majority of the playgrounds observed during the Windshield Survey were enclosed by fences and designated for residents of a particular apartment building or centers. There are multiple parks in the town but most of them are situated the outer edges of the village proper and would require transportation by bus or car to be accessed by the residents. The issue of obesity in the community is noted during the Windshield Survey activity with many overweight children and adults seen walking in the community. 15.8% of children ages 10 to 17 in Forest Park are considered obese with a BMI in the 95 percentile or greater. The national average rate of obese children from the same age group is 14.8%., (Department of Health and Human Services, 2007). Many of the children that attend the after-school program at the Howard Mohr Community Center are noted to be overweight or obese. The information obtained from the Windshield Survey conveys some important key points to consider when working with this community and aggregate group. First of all, the area is in decline with per capita incomes below the state average. Higher rates of obesity occur in populations with the highest rates of poverty. Low cost food...
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