The Old Neighborhood

Topics: Family, Woman, English-language films Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: March 31, 2013
The Old Neighborhood

This story talks about a woman named Sharon Hicks-Bartlett visiting her old neighborhood North Lawndale. She has not visited North Lawndale for fifteen years. She was shocked to see how it looked since she left. Sylvan playground as she remembered it was empty, full of trash and had curfew signs posted. Old establishments that used to be big are now shut down and abandoned. Movie Theaters wee either torn down or has turned into a church. Everything else was protected by heavy steel or spray painted everywhere.

North Lawndale was once a nice neighborhood. Whites and blacks once lived there. As people started gradually moving, poverty, crime, low educational achievement, hardly any work, and females becoming head of household begin to increase.

As Sharon continued to ride through North Lawndale she talked about her family. How her brother was beat up by a gang, another relative married a man and now has six kids and is on welfare, and how her family has become distant from one another. She also surveyed the street she used to live on noticing houses either abandoned or torn down, numbers on the houses are missing, and the grocery store had bars on it.

The story also talks about gang life. How easy it is to get involved with a gang especially if you don’t have any father or mother figures in your life. When u first start off you are in an entry-level position then u move up to lieutenant, captain, and then chief.
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