Health Informatics System

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  • Published : March 10, 2012
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27th October 2011


Inputs, throughputs and outputs of health informatics system?

Where is data housed?

Who enters application data?

How is data integrity insured?


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Identify the inputs, throughputs and outputs of health informatics system in use? Inputs refer to the information or data put in a system to carry out a given process and come up with specific services or products. Inputs needed in health informatics system include patient’s records, physician notes, clinical lab results personnel, supplies and equipment, financial statements, and physical structure. Throughputs are the changes made to the inputs by the system. It transforms the given inputs to outputs which are in form of products or services. Outputs are the results obtained after an entire process of throughput is finished. It is the by-products of the system’s work. Outputs can be in terms of services or goods given out by a system (Tanu 2005, p. 2). Where is the data housed?

Data in health informatics system are housed in data a warehouse. This is a combined database used to store information and it allows different users to access it so that they can advance on research oriented analyses (Han and Kamber 2001, p. 123). The warehouse stores quantitative, analog and qualitative data and its format varies in storage such that it stores electronic patient charts to insurance and accounting records. Who enters the data that is used in various applications? The data used in various applications in the health informatics system are entered by the public health information specialists (Taylor 2006, p. 47). This is a professional specialized in information...
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