Health Care Marketing Analysis

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  • Published : October 11, 2011
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Health Care Marketing Analysis
HCS 539

Analysis Point of View
Given the state of the economy over the last few years, it is no wonder that many industries are facing difficulties. It express world renowned news that American banks were facing economic struggles and had to be bailed out by the United States government through the emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, (Steverman, 2008). During the same year, the automobile industry requested $34 billion to aid in their economic struggles (Romney, 2008). Given this chain of events, it should come as no surprise that the health care industry is also facing economic constraints and states. The organization that will discussed in this paper about diabetes. The Dallas Diabetes and Endocrine Center, P.A. provides high quality, up-to-date endocrine care delivered in a compassionate, patient-focused manner. We stress patient education, communication, and the most advanced proven treatments for endocrine conditions. They specialize, but are not limited to conditions such as diabetes, thyroid, pituitary, osteoporosis and growth hormone disorders. The points of the four P’s, business partnerships, and target markets in health care will be discussed as well. The Four P’s

The clinic partners with Diabetic companies that make the devices needed to test the patients’ glucose. Manufactures such as: AgaMatrix, Bayer, Cozmo, Dexcom, and Freestyle want the clinic to promote their glucose device as the best in the business. Technology has made an impact on the health care as the world knows today. When clients arrive at the hospital, clinics, or any healthcare facility staff will be using some form of technology. This technology will give staff up-to-date electronic clinical records will allow staff to check a new prescription and compare it the patient's existing drugs and allergies this reduces chance of errors. Equipment tracking will allow apparatus to be found quickly for use, maintenance, and tracked for loss or...
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