Health and Social Care Level 3

Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Child abuse Pages: 5 (560 words) Published: March 12, 2013

Physical Abuse
* Hitting
* Slapping
* Pushing
* Kicking
* Misuse of medication

Signs and symptoms: The person can be very inactive there will be a noticeable change on the person’s appearance. For example bruising in unusual places such as thighs or under the arms. Secret falls or major injuries that they won’t tell you about. Bruises or cuts.

Sexual Abuse

* Rape and sexual assault
* Forced to be photographed or videoed
* Any sexual activity

Signs and symptoms: There will be a noticeable change in behaviour, there may be difficult for them to walk or sit if been hurt when the abuse happened. Injuries to genital or anal area.


* Failure to provide necessary care e.g. Assistance, guidance or attention * Active neglect
* Passive neglect: not providing basic necessities of life because lack of experience

Signs and symptoms: Prescribed medication not being taken. No food, hygiene, clothing, comfort been given. Isolation.

Psychological Abuse

* Emotional abuse
* Threats of harm
* Deprivation of contact
* Humiliation
* Blaming
* Controlling
* Intimidation
* Harassment
* Verbal abuse
* Isolation

Signs and symptoms: There may be a change in behaviour, will have different sleeping patterns, confusion, change in weight and what they like and dislike.

Financial Abuse

* Theft
* Fraud
* Exploitation

Signs and symptoms: They will have a lack of cash, unpaid bills, basic needs not being met.

Institutional Abuse

* Poor care standards
* Lack of positive responses
* Rigid routines
* Insufficient knowledge

Signs and symptoms: Failure to make choices or decisions, patterns of challenging behaviour

Discriminatory Abuse

* Racist slurs
* Sexist slurs
* Slurs or harassment on the basis of a disability
* Slurs or harassment on the basis of sexual preference
* Age discrimination

Signs and symptoms: Fear, anger, depression and low self-esteem.

Emotional Abuse
* Threats
* Suicide
* Isolation
* Manipulation
* Insults
* Blaming yourself for the abuse

Signs and symptoms: This can include wanting to be alone and not interact with anyone else, rude, being disrespectful, forgetting things.

Acts of omission

* Ignoring medical or physical care needs
* Failure to provide access to appropriate health
* Withholding of medication

Signs and symptoms: There will be a change in behaviour, isolation, not looking after their health, become more ill

Exploitation Abuse

* Physical, sexual or emotional mistreatment
* Physical abuse involves physical aggression directed to a child by an adult * Sexual abuse is a form of child abuse which an adult abuses a child * Emotional abuse, torture, criticism

Signs and symptoms: Bruises, cuts or scars, painful urination, bleeding, burns, sprains


* Unwelcome behaviour
* Criticism
* Fault finding
* Isolation
* Humiliated
* Verbal and written warnings
* Singled out
* Shouted at

Signs and symptoms: For a child they will say they are feeling ill to stay home, loss of interest in friends, having no friends. Some children don’t show any signs.

Human Trafficking

* Involves an act of recruiting, transporting, receiving a person througha use of force * Exploiting the prostitution of others, sexual exploitation, forced labour, slavery

Signs and symptoms: Isolation, cuts bruises, won’t speak to anyone as much, drugged up not aware of what’s happening around them

Domestic Violence

* Threatening behaviour
* Violence or abuse
* Physical
* Sexual...
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