Health and Social Care Level 2 Unit M3 Predictable and Unpredictable Life Events

Topics: Illness, Depression, Child Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: May 18, 2013
M3 unit 8 discuss potential differences in care needs of individuals at different life stages

Major life events can be positive and negative and can be unpleasant, frightening, confusing at times. These major life events can be predictable or unpredictable.

Predicted events of a infant could be the mother suffering from post natal depression this can have both positive and negative affects on the chid as although the mother will feel Isolated and may be unable to feed the baby and form and emotional bond with it the m other will Receive forma and in forma hep and this will make her feel more secure as she has support And an un predicted event of infancy could be the chid could have and allergies to certain types of food this may cause the chid to be self conscious and shy as it may fee isolated and confused as to why they are not the same as every on else

Predicted events of childhood could be a new baby in the family a positive outcome of this would be that this is a joyous event for the whole family and the child will have somebody to play with But the negative side to this is the chid may also become confused about their new position as an older brother /sister they may become jealous of the attention the young baby is getting this may cause their behaviour to change and they could become aggressive and rude also they may begin to regress slightly and start wetting the bed Unpredicted events could be childhood illness this can be physical or mental and can have devastating effects as the child as the child may be unable to start school at the same time as other children there age and they could have a harder time making new friends and with learning new skills a positive side of this could be the child could learn to cope with or get rid completely of the illness while there still young. Predictable events of adolescence would be puberty the negative side to this would be that the hormonal changes bring about mood swings and sometimes depression...
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