Health and Social Care

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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M2: Asses the influence of a recent national policy initiative promoting anti-discriminatory practice

In this leaflet I am going to asses the influence of national policy initiative anti-discriminatory practice this also includes legislations and regulations that has to be followed. Discriminatory practice is when people are placed and categorised in groups for example male and female or racial wised. For example an elderly mane would be questions whether he is allowed to run a marathon because of his age this is one of the signs of discrimination which should be prevented in the future in the health and social care setting.

Conventions, legislations and regulations
When following the rules and regulations it is most important when this is done to not overlook laws which are meant to be looked at which you will need to be fully aware of when working as a professional in a health and social care setting. This is when a rule or a process is taken place and then agreed on according to the law. As professionals you should be aware of the legislations and the regulations in order to deal with the situations if they we’re to occur. The strength for this is that it helps individuals to be able to deal the situation according to the law that is written as legislation. Which wouldn’t be classed as a illegal and then take to court however for the weakness this would be that sometimes professionals do not take this seriously or even know the policy which becomes very hard for them and unable to take control of the situation therefore if help is needed you should speak to your manager or supervisor for more information. European convention on human rights and fundamental freedom 1950: This originally came from the council of Europe 1995 the reason for this was agreed on because it was to give rights to those that feel violated this can also be taken seriously to an extent such as court. For example neglecting on individuals with disability would be classed as...
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