Health and Social

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What is the concept of Homeostasis?

Homeostasis is the process of which the body attempts to maintain a state of stable physiological balance. The body has to have homeostasis to stay alive, if you take a psychoactive drug, for example a drug that may affect your mood swings and distorted perceptions. Your body then attempts to bring itself back into physiologic balance and this may create a rebound effect. The normal temperature for a human being is 36-37.5 degree C

If your body gets too cold, your body will then maintain homeostasis by causing shivering, vasoconstriction, curling into a ball etc. which will warm you up, if you take a drug sedative drug, which is excitability and calms a person down. The body may attempt to maintain homeostasis resulting in agitation. Hypothermia is triggered of by your temperature going below 35 degree C. Hypothermia may be classified as a mild 32-35 degrees C, moderate 28-32 degree C and serene less than 28 degrees C. it is mostly commonly due to exposure and depressant drugs which includes alcohol.

If your body is too hot, your body will then also maintain homeostasis by causing vasodilation, sweating, stretching out and piloerection. This will then increase the heat and cool you down. Overheat of the body in the sun can cause sunburn, sunstroke and heat exhaustion illnesses. This can make you feel unwell and tired, by controlling the heat-related, the body will normally will sweat to release the heat. But under some conditions sweating isn’t enough to cool the body down, if the body heat increases rapidly then the heat can damage your brain and other organs in the body.
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