Health and Safety at Work in the State of Amhara, Ethiopia

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Term paper for project management (CENG 6101)


Occupational injuries pose a major public health and development problem which could be prevented using appropriate occupational safety and health services. Of the total 3 billion workers in the world over 85% work and live without having access to occupational safety and health services. The number of occupational injuries is increasing in many developing countries. It is estimated that 250 million occupational injuries, 160 million work-related diseases and 2 million workers deaths occur in each year resulting a loss of roughly 4% of the world gross national product due to workers’ compensation, loss of workdays, and interruption of production, retraining, and medical expenses and so on. [5] There are various reasons for the poor occupational safety situation in developing countries, including use of out dated machinery, poor maintenance and little safety guarding of machinery, inadequate training of workers; poor design of equipment and workstations; and lack of personal protective equipment, which, even when available, may be difficult to wear because of working conditions. Most work place injuries are basically caused by unsafe work environments or human factors such as young age, sex, lack of experience, job dissatisfaction, sleep disorders, smoking habit, excess alcohol use, and lack of physical activity. [5]

Health & safety is to ensure that a working environment is maintained in which accidents and unhealthy & hazardous practices are kept to a minimum. It is a responsibility to employer, employees, self employed persons, designers, manufacturers, suppliers & persons generally in control of premises where work is performed. Prevention is better than cure. Accidents are caused by poor maintenance, inappropriate equipment, unsafe practices, negligence, carelessness, and ignorance of human weaknesses. Apart from the direct effect of accidents and health related illness on the individual who may suffer great physical and mental pain, the consequences are far reaching.

Health and Safety at work in ARRA

by Adisu F. & Tewodros A.



Term paper for project management (CENG 6101)

The State of Amhara consists of 10 administrative zones, one special zone, 105 Woreda’s, and 78 urban centers and is located in the north western and north central part of Ethiopia. The State shares common borders with the state of Tigray in the north, afar in the east, Oromiya in the south, Benishangul/Gumuz in the south west, and the Republic of Sudan in the west. Amhara rural roads authority (ARRA) is the delegated authority to construct as well as to keep maintained the rural roads of the region. The head quarter of the authority is at Bahir Dar and it has twenty two own force road projects, four road maintenance districts, four road & more than fifteen bridge projects undertaken by a contractor in the year 2002 E.C. The authority has more than eight hundred permanent and contractual employees. Due to the fact that many people are engaged in this construction industry, it is therefore essential to assess the way of health & safety facilities at construction sites.



As the intensive construction process of today becomes more and complex, in Ethiopia the demand for professional project management and real design services are increasing. People within the construction do not agree about what the concept project management implies and this can be confusing for all parts involved in the construction process, including a client. The safety of highway construction workers continues to be a concern for many people and organizations. Some reports indicated that accidents for several areas were work zone accidents. There are many aspects to improve the safety of these areas including providing worker protection, and improving traffic flow. The main objective in this...
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