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Topics: Occupational safety and health, Hygiene, Risk assessment Pages: 13 (2351 words) Published: May 2, 2013
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Unit – PWSC27 & HSC027

|Unit |Learning outcome(s) |Assessment criteria |Questions | |HSC027 |1 |1.1 |Identify legislation relating to general health and safety in a health or | |PWSC27 |1 |1.1 |social care work setting. | |Answer | |Legislation relating to health and safety in a care work setting include the Health and Safety at Work Act. Care Standards Act. COSH. | |HSC027 |1 |1.2 |Describe the main points of your organisation’s health and safety policies and | |PWSC27 |1 |1.2 |procedures. | |Answer | | | | | |HSC027 |1 |1.3 |Outline the main health and safety responsibilities of: | |PWSC27 |1 |1.3 |A) self | | | | |B) the employer or manager | | | | |C) others in the work setting | |Answer | |My own responsibilities are to make sure I follow all training I have been given have, to report any illnesses or injuries. Take | |reasonable care of my own and others health and safety. | |The employer or managers responsibility for health and safety include, proving any training required. Providing any protective clothing. | |To assess anything that could cause harm and take actions or precautions to stop it. | |The health and safety responsibilities of others include | | | |HSC027 |1 |1.4 |Identify 3 tasks relating to health and safety that should not be carried out | |PWSC27 |1 |1.4 |without special training. | |Answer | |Manual Handling, First Aid and Fire procedures are examples of health and safety tasks that should not be done without special training. | | | |HSC027 |1 |1.5 |Explain how to access additional support and information relating to health and| |PWSC27 |1 |1.5 |safety....
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