Healing Hospital

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  • Published : August 7, 2012
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The challenges of creating a healing environment and the components of healing hospitals When a new hospital is being planned and built, the main focus is based on the number of beds it will house, the location of each department, how many it will employ and the main item is cost of the project but a healing environment is based on helping the patients feel safe, comfortable and stress free. These hospitals will deal with components or needs which include love, meaning in life, forgiveness and hope. Patients and families can feel less stressed if they know they are taken care of by dedicated employees and be assured that their hospital encounter will be one of smiles, loving service, and competent clinical care. Care should involve a holistic approach addressing the patients and family cognitive, emotional and spiritual concerns and not only based on the physical aspects. Creating a healing environment does involve some challenges and overcoming those barriers is essential to the growth of the hospital. The Healing Hospital concept embraces three key components discussed below; The healing physical environment: A calm and supportive environment can help promote a healing process that a patient requires during their hospital stay. Hospitals need to be more than just a place of physical care it should be suffused with loving care by all caregivers practiced in a continuous chain to support the Golden Thread of compassionate care. This concept takes into consideration not only how we care for patients but also how the staffs engage with patient’s families and caregivers. By promoting and creating this loving compassionate and aesthetical pleasing environment, it creates an environment whereby caregivers can support patients and families cope with stress and illness. Promoting a quiet and calm environment promotes faster healing. For example Mercy Gilbert Medical Center in Arizona promotes a quiet environment that supports healing for patient and also provides a...
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