Headphone Brands: Points of Parities and Disparities

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HEADPHONE BRANDS: Points of Parities and Disparities

Headphones, as a market category, attract people more and more by the day. Each brand differs from the others with its style and design in terms of having a distinctive characteristic. Three brands are selected for this assignment: Sennheiser, Beats and Skullcandy.

Points of Parities
Under this title, it is needed to consider what a headphones brand has to have in order to be considered as a legitimate competitor in its specific category. Very basically, each brand needs mechanism that gives the sound out. Headphones have to be comfortable and easy to use for its consumer. Material of them has to be strong enough, no one wants a pair of headphones get broken in its first day. The company has to have a store located near to customers. If not, an online store and a good distribution channel need to be available for the people who cannot easily go to those stores. Brands have to explain their products’ features, speaker deepness, signal cable class and sound quality in general. An authorized service provision also has to be available and easily accessible in case of accidents.

Points of Disparities
The biggest disparity of Sennheiser brand is reliability. It is not only the oldest audio company out of these three brands, but also one of the oldest ones of all. It is a German company, and this differs it from the others because German electronic industry is one of the best ones in the world. The brand has a wide range of products and this attracts the customers. As its style, Sennheiser has a simple design, considering the other two. This effects the age level of the customers, because the other two brands are much more likely to be for the adolescents and young-adults. But here, sennheiser provides an inconspicuous concept with high quality, and a considerable price for everyone. Beats

The first product of this brand is only 4 years old, but it already has become the most preferred one of...
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