Alan Malachowski Focus in Competition

Topics: Morality, Competition, Ethics Pages: 3 (898 words) Published: November 29, 2010
Alan Malachowski’s theory of The Evolutionary Paradigm has been interpreted amongst evolutions test for survival. The test measures how the most competitive business is bound to succeed the weakest organization within the trials of the marketplace. Evolution dictates how society will view companies that have a competitive advantage as being better than others within the same business line. When new competitors appear, the competition forces a company to either improve or become extinct and through this evolutionary idea, it was believed that in order to be a successful business in today’s market, you have to evolve and do whatever necessary to succeed. Malachowski’s view on the evolutionary paradigm sheds light on the how business’ use their evolutionary beliefs to oversee, if not, completely ignore moral behavior. Moral competitive behavior should drive all businesses to develop strategic marketing and advertising skills with the goal to surpass its competitor and create a niche for its services and products. A healthy rivalry can generate consumer interest for the product and services offered due to the competition between businesses. This usually produces publicity and it can generate a more perceived need or desire. A key element to rise above the competition is to provide high-quality service and putting the consumers’ needs first. Competition can be effectively combated by emphasizing on how different and exclusive the features of the business products and/or services are. By stating how you are different from a widely known competitor, you can often more easily express your differentiation. Alan Malachowski focuses the morality and competitive advantage in three key issues: The Nature of Business, Special Moral Responsibilities and Moral Character. According to the evolutionary viewpoint, the Nature of Business should be left to evolve in their own style in line with their intrinsic competitive capacities. Conversely, the author stresses that...
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