He Steps in the Planning Process

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Once I am appointed as Manager of Operation, I will of course have to ensure that the goals are achieved. In this case the first thing I will do is to refer the steps in the planning process as Cronje, et all (2007) thought. The first think to do will be to raise Opportunity awareness that will mean to identify the opportunity in the light of the organization’s current capability.

Secondly will have to Establish Goals, establish goals in order to provide direction to organizational plan, I mean that these goals will have to be aligned to the company strategic goals. Breaking them down and justifying the reason of choosing them as way to anticipate the outcomes of these goals. It will be a must to make these objectives clear, specific and enough information, such as dividing them in sectors or even in departments in order to guarantee realistic objectives and showing the opportunities as well as problems that the company will experience on the course of the activities.

Thirdly will be a the stage of Drawing up Premises. This will involve the establishment of planning assumptions, for instance, to show the future environment in which the plans are expected to occur (Cronjé, 2004). The setup of premises is vital to the success of planning and before plans are prepared, the assumptions and conditions need to be defined in order to make possible prediction of the events or activies to happen in the future. Therefor contingency plans may be prepared for alternate possible situations. The fourth stage on this process will be Development of Various Course of Action as a way to establish alternative ways in which the identified goal can be achieved. It is on this step that as a manager will need to outline the tasks required to meet the objective, as each goal should have a task or projects associated with its achievement.

Step five will be Evaluating Alternatives, it is important to bear in mind that the alternatives defined...
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