He Love to Prank

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  • Published : April 6, 2011
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He love to Prank

When I was younger I really loved to play pranks. I pranked everyone I could, my mom, dad, sisters and even my teachers. Being at the age of twelve (12) everyone thought it was just another ‘boys will be boys’ and accepted that pulling pranks at that age was normal. Normal, until I had done the unthinkable. I did what no one had expected me to do: using fake animals to frighten people into thinking it was real was normal, switching my sister’s shampoo with dishwashing liquid was normal, giving my teacher a fake apple was normal; everyone expected and accepted my behavior but I was not done. It took everyone by surprise. It was my thirteenth (13) birthday. Everyone was on edge. What was I, going to do on my birthday? Let loose frogs, rats, lizards, roach? Everyone wanted to know what I had planned up my sleeves. Pranks are normal, but this being my birthday, everyone expected it to be out of the usual. They were worried. I had a look no one had ever seen. ‘He looks cool and relaxed’, my mom said to my father. ‘Cool and deadly’, my sister mocked. ‘Do not let your guard down’, my Dad advised and he also said ‘Remember this is Richie’s birthday party. Watch out!’ Half way through the celebrations it became time for me to blow out the candles and make a wish. Everyone became tense, what would he do? Would it blow up? Would rats come running? Would a cat be on fire like at his twelve (12) birthday party? One, two, three, the candles were out and nothing happened. Nothing happened, as yet. The party ended and I did not pull a single prank. Everyone was in awe. Confused yet happy, yet on edge, my mom approached me and said. ‘Richie honey, are you ok?’ ‘You did not pull a prank. What happened?’ I turned and hugged my mom, and gave her soft kiss and said, ‘Mom, I do not like to pranks, I only did them because everyone said it was normal at that age and I did not want Ashlee, to think I was not normal’. Surprised at my response my mom went to my dad...
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