Hcr 220 Patient Intake Process

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The patient intake process is gathering accurate information for billing and medical care for new and established patients. New patients are patients that have not been to the medical practice before or within three years. These new patients need to complete many forms before their first appointment with a physician. An established patient is a patient that has been to the practice and seen a provider within the past three years. Established patients review and update information that is on file for them. When a person understands how the patient intake process works it may lead to strategies on how to improve the efficiency of the patient intake process.

New patients need to go through the preregistration process which is where the collection of information begins. This process is started before the patient enters the office for an appointment. When a new patient calls for an appointment the information that is usually gathered is the patients full name, telephone number, address, date of birth, gender, reason for the appointment, and if the patient was referred. When the new patient arrives for their appointment they fill out a patient information form or a patient registration form. This form is used to collect demographic information about the patient, such as marital status, social security number, employer, patient health plan, etc. New patients also complete a medical history form. This form asks the patient about their medical history, their family’s medical history, and their social history. Social history is information such as smoking, alcohol use and exercise habits. The physician will go over the medical history form with the patient and the patient’s answers along with the doctor’s notes are documented into the medical record. For new patient’s, that have medical insurance, the insurance card is scanned or photocopies and the information is double checked for accuracy. The new patient’s identification card is also taken and photocopied or scanned...
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