Hcl Case Summary

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FTS-12-MM-536 About The Company

The HCL group comprises HCL Info systems and HCL Technologies, and its total Revenue for both group companies currently adds up to approx $6.2 billion. In Terms of business:

* HCL Info system is a system integration company and a leading manufacturer of computer hardware in the Asia/Pacific region.

* HCL Technologies is a global services provider of IT services, including infrastructure services, ERS, and BPO. For the quarter ending December 2011, the Engineering and R&D Services (ERS) group at HCL Technologies achieved annual run rate revenues of approximately $1 billion.

What is “Engineering Out of the Box”? Why did HCL launch the program?

* Engineering Out of the Box is their market proposition of how HCL takes their Services, plus platform ecosystem innovation, to their product and technology customers. HCL had to think about product development as well as whole ecosystem, user experience and platform. “Engineering Out of the Box” brings all of these together for customers. It also integrates the perspectives of the customers through platform extensions, ecosystem innovation and the customer’s user experience, and with the goal of encouraging more adoption of the technology in the long run.

To address this revised marketplace, HCL looks to provide core product development services and aid customers in creating ecosystem advantages around their products, through collaborated strategic services and through HCL Productized Solution. This is what is call – Engineering Out Of The BOX or EOOTB in short.

HCL core products
HCLT had five broad business segments- business outsourcing services, infrastructure services, custom applications, ERS, and enterprise services. EOOTB was prevalent at 11 verticals so far: aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, independent software vendors, industrial manufacturing, medical devices, retailing, semiconductors, server and storage and telecommunications. HCL productized solutions

The productized solutions were one step short of being full- fledged products which are left for customization as per customer needs HCLT had released 16 of them over the last two years and 20 at various stage of development example; rMED, AGORA, AEGIS, ITS eCall.

Issues before HCLT ERS in October 2011

1. How should the ERS division build on EOOTB’s competitive advantage and productized solutions to scale up potential user experiences?

* In 2011, HCLT ERS, a segment of HCL Technologies, a global Information Technology services corporation headquartered in New Delhi, India, had to plan for next year’s, the Engineering Out Of The Box (EOOTB) business concept that it had initiated in 2009. * The productized solutions were very reliable upon IT platform-based solutions and services. The EVP, Engineering and Research Services (ERS), global sales, HCL Technologies, and the EOOTB team must consider the potential user experiences that ERS could gain from EOOTB in conjunction with its customers and its ecosystems (partners, collaborators, third party providers). * The productized solutions were one step short of being full-fledged products; they left the last mile for customizing to the needs of the customer. They were HCLT’s own proprietary technologies, developed in-house, that could be incorporated into customers’ designs. HCLT had released 16 of them over the last two years, and another 20 were at various...
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