Hca 340 Week 3 Outline for Final Paper

Topics: Health care, Health, Human resource management Pages: 5 (1571 words) Published: June 18, 2012
Examine the financial characteristics of health care delivery along with managing costs, revenues, and human resources

Examine the financial characteristics of health care delivery along with managing costs, revenues, and human resources Outline
I. Introduction
II. Thesis Statement
III. Financial aspects of health care delivery
A. Reason behind the increasing health care cost
B. Impact of rising cost on the quality of services
IV. Role of Human Resources in health care industry
A. Challenges associated with human resource management
V. Conclusion
I have chosen the topic “Examine the financial characteristics of health care delivery along with managing costs, revenues, and human resources”. The reason for choosing this topic is that the provision of health care services is of great concern for people all over the world. A number of components are linked together in order to make a health care delivery system effective. The paper will describe in detail the financial elements of a health care delivery. In addition to this, the paper will also address the issue of revenues, cost and human resources regarding the health care delivery. Overall, the paper will provide a lot of useful information regarding the topic.

Thesis Statement
“An Efficient human resource services along with appropriate balance between cost and revenue plays a very effective role in provision of quality health care services”
The thesis statement is based on the research regarding the financial aspects of health care services. The paper is based on the role of the elements stated in the thesis statement in order to ensure the quality of health care delivery to the general public all over the world. It is evidenced from the research that these elements positively contribute towards the efficiency of the overall system. A country can enhance the quality of health care services by focusing on the major components.

The feasibility and growth of a health care organization in the financial perspective is very essential factor in contributing towards a quality health care management. A health care organization can only perform its functions in an effective manner if and when the organization is fully equipped with the latest technology necessary for following the recent trends in the field of health care. In addition to this, the organization must be adequately staffed with medical experts in order to play its part well in the industry. The induction of qualified managerial professionals is also of great concern for a health care organization. Moreover, the health care industry should always remain in a position to invest in making use of the advanced equipments in order to cure the chronic diseases. (Hill, 20011)

The provision of basic health care services is very important regardless of the ability of the patient to pay or not. In case of any emergency, the hospitals are bound to provide the necessary treatment in order to save the life of the patient. The health care organizations are advised to provide at least the life stabilizing and lifesaving treatment to the patients. These initial services are provided free of cost. The demand for provision of this kind of free emergency services is on a constant rise. This thing plays its part in increasing the overall health care costs. Therefore, in order to reduce the burden of health care cost, the health care institutes must be financed according to their needs.

The above stated factor also has its impact on the quality of services provided by the health care organizations. This is so because the health care organizations are usually not properly financed on one hand. And also the rising demand of free treatment to the patients brought as emergency cases also serve as a burden on the financial cost of the health care institutions. This thing badly impacts the quality of services provided by these organizations. The organizations then ultimately lower...
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