Finances in Healthcare

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Finances in healthcare

HCA340: Managing in Health & Human Services Instructor   January 14, 2012

Examine the financial characteristics of health care delivery along with managing costs, revenues, and human resources. I have chosen to research my final power point on the financial aspect of healthcare because this is the part of healthcare that drives me to desire change with the industry. There are so many things to understand when healthcare is being provided. The patient may never truly understand the complexity of the finances that are invested in the basic visit they have with the physician. Healthcare is very complex then adding finances to such a complex industry makes it even more complex. The core mission for every healthcare organization is the patient; however there is so much that goes on behind organization to ensure things are run smoothly for the patients. I will research how the organization is to provide services to all patients equally although they may not have the same financial status, how management creates and stays in budget, revenue, how human resources assists in the fiancés of the organization, and insurance. I will also explore how health care is financed from the patients as well as the hospitals and medical centers. The ways costs are controlled in order to bring revenue, as well as benefits offered. National Health Spending

Over the last 40 years healthcare spending has grown at an extremely fast rate. In 2008 healthcare spending slowed to about 4%, the slowest over the last 48 years. Although spending had seemed to slow down, the United States still spent $2.3 trillion in 2008. In 2012 it was predicted to reach $2.9 trillion and account for...
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