Hca 210 Interview a Health Care Professional

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  • Published : January 29, 2011
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Interview with a Health Care Professional
The following summary is based on the information that was obtained from an interview of Ms. Rodriguez a Nurse Practitioner. Ms. Rodriguez has been a Nurse Practitioner for 12 years and enjoys everything about the job. To become a Nurse Practitioner one must attain a high school diploma, and have completed and passed a nursing program with an Associates or Bachelors degree. Once the degree is obtained the student must apply to the state licensing department and pass the state test (NCLEX-RN). The student must also pass a physical and criminal background check. After becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) one must also obtain a Masters Degree. The Nurse Practitioner (NP) must perform duties that are within her/his scope of practice. The duties include, but are not limited to management of acute illnesses and injuries; diagnose and treat medical problems; performs history and physical exams, chronic disease management for stable conditions, orders and interprets diagnostic exams and test, assisting with procedures, and consultation/referral. The NP must review that care of the patient with the physician. The NP can write prescriptions for all medications and medical devices. Prior to prescribing a controlled substance the NP must consult with the physician and prescriptions may not exceed 30 days. The primary responsibilities for the Nurse Practitioner are taking a detailed medical history and completing physical exams. The NP provides diagnoses and recommends treatment plans, prescribed medication, spends time counseling patients and families. The NP manages a patients overall care.
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