Hays Essay Evaluation

Topics: Old Testament, Bible, Jesus Pages: 3 (695 words) Published: September 17, 2011
Evaluating the Hays Essay

Personal Application of the Old Testament Law

OBST 591- Old Testament Orientation

Systematic Theology I

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

June 3, 2011

The essay, Applying the Old Testament Law today, written by J. Daniel Hays reveals an intriguing perception of the Old Testament Law and its application by today’s Christian Church. The author identifies the fact that the Old Testament Law although valuable and necessary for the Israeli nation seems a bit out of place applied to the Christian Church. [1] Initially, He identifies at least a foundational understanding of the existence of laws which Christians may constantly break. Yet, it generally seems that the author is only giving the minimum amount of information needed to lead the reader into the arena of his subject matter. This does not initially seem threatening yet towards the middle of the article there is a statement that stirs some questions about the author’s understanding of scripture and his intentions. For example, when he states that proper interpretation method includes viewing texts in the proper context, I begin wondering at what point the readers would experience an evaluation of the proper context of the various laws that initially were illustrated as being broken. Considering all these facts it does still seem clear that he does a good job explaining his view, but the perspective seems a little one-sided. Continuing in this thought, I feel the bulk of this essay is composed with a limited understanding of the relationships between the scriptures recorded in Matthew, Romans, Galatians and even Colossians as they relate to keeping the law. Colossians explains the stance that I hold most clearly. Here the scripture asks that they let no one judge the way they practice the law “which are a shadow of things to come; but the body is of Christ”. [2] In my opinion, all the Old Testament laws were a shadow of the law as Jesus Christ...
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