Having Female and Male Friends

Topics: Male, Gender, Female Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Having Female Friends and Male Friends
Keether Tucker
English 121

Some people think that females can’t have male friends with out something going on. On the other hand we as females could say that a man couldn’t have a female friend. Could females and males have a few friends that are different sex, now I ask the question are they similar or are they different. They are the same but the roles are different. I use the block format

Female Friends and Male Friends
Myself and some of my female friends was just hang out one night at the bar downtown. We try to get together a least two times out of the mouth just to play catch up and see what new and what is old. We enjoy the time that we do hang out it’s a let your self go and not to have to think about the kids, job Hudson and boyfriends. We share things like TV or hair and who have the best sale coming up on everything from the living room to the bed room. Females can get stress out on a day to day basic why not have a lady’s, night out, man have guy things just for guys so why come females can’t have one night like that. Maybe we are not like the guys, we don’t talk about cars, bikes and there racers. We talk about things that going on with us, some things you can only talk about with other female. Female friends can lesion to you and hear what you have to say, I guest that why we have female friends. There are some thing that are similar but not by much, how ever there are a lot of different from female to male. I can to my man friends some times better then my female friends now why is that I can’t make that one out, I guest that some things don’t have need to be fix then why would I try to fix some that is not broke. However I do like hanging around my male friends too it gives me a chance to play catch up with them. I don’t get a chance to see or hang out with them that often unless one of them ask me to ride out to the car show with them and then a feel like I am one of the...
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