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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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“A Word About Words”
Havel Evaluation

Havel's essay entitled “"A Word About Words,"” Havel came to the conclusion. We have an ethical duty to always be suspicious of words. The three arguments Havel makes to support this claim are that we've always believed in the power of words to change history, and all events in the real world always have their prologue in the realm of words. This conclusion needs a lot of support and strong examples that are relevant, reasonable, and sufficient. Havel's first argument is that we've always believed in the power of words to change history. He supports this argument with two pieces of work that have had an effect in history. The first is an essay called "Two Thousand Words" which was a story for invading a country and the second is a one page passage called "A Few Sentences" that was capable of shaking the whole structure of a country. The examples Havel used are both relevant, and argumentative because they are both examples where words have had an impact on events in the past. They are both reasonable examples that I find believable, and I feel these examples are sufficient enough to make this argument legit. Havel's next argument is that words that are similar can be twisted. Havel cites how Marx, Freud, and Jesus have had their words twisted to meet any meaning over time to suit the needs of different people. The words of these people have been used for evil things and good things over time and this is sufficient proof that Havel's argument is sufficient, reasonable, and relevant. Havel also cites how the word peace can be used for great things, but has also been used to justify horrible things like the massacre of many people. When reading Havel's essay, it appears that he loves the word peace, even though he is argues against it. He even goes as far as calling it beautiful. Havel also goes into detail about his experience with the Czech people and how they've learned to not trust words. They have learned that those...
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