Haunted House

Topics: English-language films, Teacup, Tea Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Haunted house
     It was a beautiful day of summer. Me and my family were moving to a new house in Pennsylvania. At the first look the house seems to be very comfortable. I looked  up and saw my new bedroom, it was in the attic.

    Delighted ,I went to unpack my things. Since I entered in the house I had the feeling that I was not very welcome… and I`d better go. “Nevermind” (I said in my mind).. I had the impression that this house is our “heaven”…Everything was beautiful until one night…  I had my  cup of hot chocolate in my hand and I was going to my bedroom to sleep because I felt tyred. The first night I slept in that room, the cold drafts from the windows told me I should have brought an extra blanket. It felt even weirder in the attic room than any other room in the house. I woke up several times at night barely able to breathe, with my blankets wrapped tightly around me.  I was confused.. What happened? I would see shadows lurking outside out of the corner of my eye, but whenever I would look directly at them, they would disappear.  All the lights were open and flashing… and I could hear many voices around me.. when in front of me appeared an old women .My hands trembled and  I tried hard to pull my blanket over me.. then .. EVERYTHING suddenly stop!! My brother used to tell me that at night whenever he would get up to go to the bathroom or put on a T-shirt he would fell somebody poking at his sides, now I knew what he was talking about. (At that time I thought that he was probably making fun of me) The next day I woke up and the  whole room was rotating.. I had a terrible headache..  I walked down the creaking steps grasping the railing firmly to make sure I didn’t fall. I flicked the light switch on and tiptoed toward the cabinet with the tea ingredients. Once I had made myself some tea I quickly clambered toward the dining table to drink.

    I drank the first cup of tea briskly and decided to make some more. I was just about to pour in the...
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