Hating Lessons

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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On Hating Piano Lessons by Phyllis Theroux
When Phyllis Theroux was writing “On Hating Piano Lessons” I believe that she wanted to let the audience know that there is a reason behind forcing children to take lessons they might not enjoy. I strongly agree with the Phyllis Theroux’s point of view in her essay, “On Hating Piano Lessons”. I believe that every child must have structure while growing up and while they are still too young to make those decisions, parents must step in to help us. Parents step in and make decisions for us while we are young is for one reason and one reason only, and that is because they don’t want us to look back into our past and regret not doing something. Being young, children or even teenagers still have trouble making decisions that will somehow benefit them in the future, because we just simply do not care to look that far into our future.

When I was younger, I took all the lessons my parents pushed at me; piano, ballet, art, swimming, and a second language. And for years I went to all those classes, but hated every single one of them so once I got a little older my parents trusted me and told me that I could stop taking whichever lessons I wanted. My final choice was to drop every single one of my classes because I was so miserable while I took them. Here is where I could relate to how her daughter was feeling when she would look at her mother “with don’t make me do this eyes” (2). Being forced to do something I did not care about was the worst feeling. However, now that I am older I regret letting go of all my lessons because I see how amazing it could be if I could play professional piano, draw more artistically, take a job as a lifeguard, perform as a ballerina, or being able to write or read in a second language. In my opinion, I think “options, in the long run, are what lesions are all about” (1) because not having lessons means we’re deprived from future options or opportunities that we wish we had. I do believe that...
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