Hatfield Mccoy Feud

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October 30, 2012
Feud Research - Hatfield and McCoys
The Hatfield and McCoys feud is one of the most famous and well-known feuds in history. It was a fight between two neighboring families in the Tug Valley, which took place around the 1880s. The Hatfield family lived in the Logan County, meaning mostly West Virginia and the McCoy family lived in the Pike County, meaning mostly Kentucky (Sanders). These two families hated each other to death, similar to the Montegues and the Capulets from “Romeo and Juliet”.

Both of these families had a leader. William Anderson Hatfield, also known as “Devil Anse”, was the patriarch, or leader of the Hatfield family. In the other side of the feud, we have and Randolph, also known as “Old Ranell”, who was the leader of the McCoy family.

The first brutal event that occurred between these two families was the murder of Asa Harmon McCoy, who was the brother of Randolph. A small military group that was part of the Hatfield family known as the Logan Wildcats, named after the Logan County, which is were the Hatfields lived as mentioned before, murdered Asa Harmon McCoy (Tanner). This rivalry between the two families didn’t get any better after this event. They killed each other because of silly stuff like fighting for pigs.

The real turning point of this feud, in other words, the most brutal event between these two families was in August of 1882 (Anderson). Three of Randolph McCoy’s sons ended up in a bloody violent fight against two brothers of Anderson Hatfield. One of Randolph’s sons stabbed several times the members of the Hatfield family and also shot them multiple times, but it was absolutely not over in that moment. When the Hatfield family received the news of what had happened, they were raged and fired more than 50 shots and killed all three of Randolph’s sons (Woodson)....
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