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Topics: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Pages: 10 (2044 words) Published: March 20, 2013
1. How does Huck solve the problem of forgetting his name? Bets Buck that he can't spell his name, and does, so then he knows his name - George Jackson

2. What does Huck think of the Grangerfords? Of their home? He thinks their home is really nice and he really likes the family

3. Huck often makes interesting observations. His comment on Emmeline Grangerford is, “I reckoned that with her disposition she was having a better time in the graveyard.” What does this shows about Huck? She focused so much on death and people dying that he figured she was in the place she always wanted to be, she was happier there.

4. Why had Emmeline died? Sickness

Chapter 18

1. What is the cause of the feud between the Grangerfords and the Shepherdsons? It's been going on for 30 years, no one remembers what started it, beyond a legal dispute over land

2. Which side started the shooting? Jason Zhang's side

3. Why is Twain so vague about it? No one can remember how or why the feud started, but in the last year, two people have been killed, including a fourteen-year-old Grangerford. The two families attend church together and hold their rifles between their knees as the minister preaches about brotherly love.

4. Buck tells Huck, “There ain’t a coward amongst them Shepherdsons – not a one. And there ain’t no cowards amongst the Grangerfords either.” What are the drawbacks to this sort of courage?

5. Why is the topic of the Sunday sermon “satiric”? the sermon was about brotherly love, and the 2 families are killing each other in a feud

6. What has happened to Jim since the last time Huck has seen him? Jim followed Huck to the shore the night they were wrecked, but did not call out to him, for fear of being caught. Some slaves found the raft Jim was on, but he reclaimed it by threatening the slaves and saying it belonged to his white master.

7. What does Miss Sophie do? runs off with Harney Shepardson

8. What happens to the various Grangerfords? Sophia Grangerford runs off with one of the Shepardsons and a gunfight ensues that kills some of the Grangerfords.

9. What does Huck do?

Chapter 19

1. Read aloud Huck’s description of river life that begins, “Two or three days and nights went by; I reckon I might say they swum by, they slid along so quiet and smooth and lovely.” What causes Huck’s new appreciation of life on the raft? the peacefulness of the river, the scenery, the beauty, the ease of living

2. The peaceful interlude on the raft is disturbed by the arrival of the duke and the dauphin (the king). Describe these two “rapscallions.” liars, con-men, running away from people

3. When the duke and the dauphin first got on the raft, why did they talk to each other and ignore Huck and Jim? They are trying to out do each other in rank to decide who is in charge and who will sleep under the tent.

4. Huck says, “It didn’t take me long to make up my mind that these liars warn’t no kings nor dukes at all, but just low-down humbugs and frauds.” Why does he pretend to believe them? Huck quickly realizes that the two men they let onto the raft are liars, but to prevent "quarrels," he does not let on that he knows.

Chapter 20

1. How does Huck explain Jim to the duke and the king? He tells them that his family was hit by a steamboat while they were riding down the Mississippi, and that only he and Jim survived.

2. How do the king and duke treat Huck and Jim? Duke and King has treated Huck and Jim as their own personal servants. Rate This Answer

3. What does the king do at the camp-meeting? cons people for $87 pretending to be a reformed pirate

4. How does the duke arrange for them to travel in the daytime? This chapter paints a fuller picture of the two hitchhikers that Huck and Jim have taken aboard. You will remember that the Gragerfords were first characterized through their possessions. How are these two men drawn? prints a reward poster for Jim & they tie him up so it...
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