Harvard Business Case

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Harvard Business Case Analysis
How would you categorize Kearney’s commitment to the company? How might you change or maintain this commitment? Eugene Kearney is very committed to Old Colony Associates (OCA). Kearney is committed in that he has been with the company for 13 years, loves going to work every day and aspires to maintain a higher level management position. However, he clearly needs to make improvements to his current level of commitment to OCA. Kearney needs to realize that commitment is the level of loyalty to the organization and willingness to exert effort on behalf of the organization. It is the degree of goal and value congruency with the company and the desire to stay a proactive member. Kearney is a great developer and teacher of people. He takes control of the situation and is not afraid of a challenge. This has created problems for him to effectively deal with managers and clients. He comes off as bossy, rude and unable to “listen” to constructive feedback. He seems motivated by the idea of promotion, high degree of job security and his ability to exert his influence on new managers. I believe that Kearny exerts continuance commitment, which is the willingness to remain in an organization because of the investment that the employee has with “nontransferable” investments. These investments include things such as retirement, relationships with other employees, or things that are special to the organization. Continuance commitment also includes factors such as years of employment, which Eugene has had more than a decade, or benefits that the employee may receive that are unique to the organization, such as, a promotion to regional operations manager. Eugene’s continuance commitment with OCA has made it very difficult for him to want to leave the organization. If Kearney wishes to thrive with this company he needs to achieve affective commitment. Kearney should develop an emotional attachment, identification, and involvement as a district...
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