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Topics: Decomposition, Peer-to-peer, Embalming Pages: 2 (292 words) Published: November 19, 2012
CEO Assignment #1
Bank Analysis - Decomposition of ROE

FIN 420 – Bank Management

Summary: Utilizing data contained within the Uniform Bank Performance Report (UBPR) of a local bank, decompose the company’s 12/31/11 financial performance as well as information for its peer group. Analyze the results.

Banks:Bank of Holland
Grand River Bank
Mercantile Bank
Macatawa Bank

Format:Part #1 – Obtaining Information
• Obtain bank financial information from UBPR • Complete decomp Excel worksheet
• Compare bank financial information to peer group • Calculate ROA, ROE, and several bank ratios based on data

Part #2 – Analyzing Information
• What were the three largest differences between your Bank and its peer group in the core ROE decomposition analysis? • How did the drivers (#1-3) help to understand the ROE decomposition? • Are there any drivers that could provide a better understanding of the Bank’s performance? • What was the largest surprise about your Bank in relation to its performance and comparison to peer group? • Identify three strategic initiatives that the Bank CEO could implement to improve performance? Identify the benefits of such initiatives but also the related costs to implement these initiatives.

Sources:https://cdr.ffiec.gov/public/ManageFacsimiles.aspx 1) Select “Uniform Bank Performance Report” under the “Report” drop down menu 2) Type the name of the bank you select under “Institution Name”

Hand in:1) ROE Decomposition Excel Worksheet
2) Memo to the CEO of the Bank you analyzed addressing the questions contained in part #2 above. Memo is to be no longer than two pages (0.75 inch margins, font 11, Times New Roman). All charts/tables should be included in...
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