Harmful Effects of Television over Viewing Among Preschool’s Development.

Topics: Developmental psychology, Psychology, Violence Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Harmful Effects of Television over viewing among Preschool’s Development.
We are all aware of the great impact made by television to our everyday living. Over viewing of television have harmful effects to a child’s development.
Parents nowadays, are working either both or only the father or mother is and because they are too busy with their works they had a hard time caring, guiding and attending to their child’s needs and activities. That’s why some of them let their child be exposed to different kinds of modern technologies we have especially the television. Unknowingly of the risks their child may acquire from it at an early age.

Television is one of the product of our modern technology and it become the most powerful, popular and influential medium of communication. That most of us use for our various reasons like entertainer, baby sitter, news reporter, product seller and others more. Television had been useful to our everyday life and had been source of information but it may also be able to affect negatively on a child’s learning and development.

Dr. Christakis (2008), a researcher who conducted a study relative to this matter indicates that “a child who is watching television at their early age may risk an attention deficit problem”. (p.269)

Over viewing of television for a child especially those in preschool, for about four or more than four hours daily can hinder their learning, stimulate violent behavior, and negative effect on their health. Some negative effects of over exposing to television to a child’s health are poor vision because of being too near in television and being always focused on screen. Another is being obese, some researcher say that, “more than 60% of overweight incidents among children was linked to excess television viewing”. (2003). It happens because they were attracted by the television advertisement of eating junk foods, sweets, and other unhealthy foods and also they had been lack of...
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