Haribo Cupcake Mix Marketing Plan

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Created in 1920, in Bonn, by a German named: Hans Riegel, Haribo (stands for Hans RIegel BOn) is today known worldwide for its candies such as: Gold-Bears, Tagada Stawberries or Fizzy Cola. Indeed, Haribo is the first manufacturer of gums and jellies within the total sugar confectionery market, who owns other famous candy brands such as: MAOM, Zan, Ricqlès… and exports to more than 105 countries all over the world.

However, with such a competitive market, our brand must create a new product which will open new horizon to our company and for this, we have decided to take the famous slogan “Kids and grown-ups love it so – the happy world of Haribo”(UK)and give it a new meaning.


I. Executive summary of our new product launch
II. Current marketing situation
III. Objectives
IV. Target markets
V. Marketing strategies
VI. Marketing programs
VII. Resources & Budget
VIII. Implementation controls

I. Executive summary of our product launch

Haribo brand: Haribo is the leader on the French confectionary market. It exports to more than one hundred and fifty five countries over the world. More than 300 different HARIBO candies are sold around the world. Its portfolio includes brands such as Strawbs, Goldbears, Happy Cola. However, there is a lot of competition on this market with brands like Carambar, Kraft, Lutti….

Corporate objectives:
➢ Growth and performance improvement
➢ Healthier image
➢ Maintain a strong brand equity

Customer insight: Customers trust Haribo brand because this brand is associated with their childhood but they are still very concerned about the amount of sugar in the candies.

Positioning: Haribo is well-known in Europe but has to increase its presence on emerging markets. Haribo is also very innovative but still has to work on its image.

Product concept: Haribo Cupcake mix” is a cupcake containing Haribo candies. There will be a mix of colors and flavors. Customizing your own cupcake will be possible online. With this product, we also follow carefully the wishes of our clients: our product will contain 30% less calories and 40% less sugar than the other products and less than 0, 1 per cent fat per 100 g. Various bag sizes will be available. The innovation of this product is to find a compromise between a fancy product dedicated to adults and candies that are more dedicated to children.

Target segment: Our target segment will be the young adults who have grown up with Haribo but who now have different tastes. They want to have products to share with their friends and family to spend a good time but are still preoccupied with their health. Eating candies is also more dedicated to kids than to adults: they are looking for something which is trendier.

4 P’s: The 4 P are about: Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Our product will be sold in a box of two medium cupcakes (3.45€) or a box of three little cupcakes (2.95€). The promotion will be made on TF1, M6 and on famous websites such as Deezer, Allocine or Facebook. We will also distribute some samples to students. Finally, we will create the buzz by hiring a famous YouTuber Norman to make the ad of our product. Our ad will attract the attention of our customers by seeing someone to whom we can easily identify to, speaking to little cupcakes, presented as characters. It will be presented like a little story to follow. Concerning the place of promotion, we will sell our product in Haribo stores but also supermarkets, confectionary shops….

II. Current marketing situation

In order to have a relevant view of the marketing situation, we will look at Haribo strategy then analyze the market to determine the SWOT of our firm.

1) Corporate strategy (Mission,...
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