Blue Mountain Spring

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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Target Market for Blue Mountain Spring Water
At Blue Mountain Spring Water we must be selective while looking for new avenues to promote our natural spring water. We will not sacrifice profit margins just to fund expansion and we feel our pricing is in line with our current profit expectations. That being said we have a tremendous upside for growth without sacrificing our core values. With the planned diversification in our product line we should be able to establish a profitable growth model.

We must continue to market the local clientele; we cannot forget who has supported our company since its inception. We have established a very large niche market within the local and regional college market and this market has served us well. We will continue to promote our products to this market segment just as has been planned over the last several years. We will promote our product to the local college athletics as well in hopes to gain more market share and take some of the “specialty” drinks market.

We have been approached by several companies looking for private labeling of our spring water. This will be a tremendous step in promoting our brand outside of our regional area. We will consider only companies that share our core values and will put strict pricing policies on any private labeling we do. We will not sacrifice price just for growth. If we adhere to strict pricing we should be able to fund any capital growth projects without compromising service.

Lastly, we will make a push to gain more of the children markets. We have added a new size bottle to our arsenal and we should be able to promote our product to the parents of children that pack a lunch for school every day. Not only will our bottles be the perfect size for children but also will work for any individual that packs a lunch on a daily basis. By maintaining the highest level of integrity and not wavering from our core values, we should be positioned for incremental growth that is not only...
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