Hardware Replacement

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Hardware Replacement Project
Randy Atkins
December 16, 2012

Hardware Replacement Project
The IT department wants to replace their old CRM with a new CRM solution. The only problem is that their existing hardware is old and out of date and will not support the new CRM. I was brought in to not only recognize the issue but to determine what equipment will be needed and help install the equipment. This needed to be done before the new CRM system can be installed and implemented. Before that could happen I first needed to come up with a report for the board that will discuss about the five project management variables and how they relate to the upcoming plans. I will also explain what considerations should be thought about as to get the company the best value and what factors will influence the project risk along with how to keep those risks down to a minimal amount. To get the image of how the new CRM will work out the five major variables of project management must be examines to see how they will fit in to the scenario. The five major variables are scope, time, cost, quality, and risk. Every one of these variables will play a role in this project so I will discuss each one: The first scope defines what work is or is not included in a project. For this certain project there will be a scope for new processing equipment as well as computer equipment to implement the new CRM. The unsettlement of the scope for the project must not be crossed because it can disrupt the other variables which are time. Secondly, quality which means how the end results of the hardware replacement will satisfy the IT department’s wants and needs. The quality of the hardware replacement will be dependent on the time and cost because if you want betterment it will cost you and you cannot hurry replacing hardware or you might end up installing something that should not or buying the work hardware all together. When the project is finished and the hardware is performing as...
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