Hard Work Pays Off

Topics: Present, Time, Future Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: July 9, 2012
Linda Carrascal
Enc 1101
Prof. Uszerowicz

I believe hard work pays off. When we are young we think everything is easy, but as we grow we learned that its not that easy and that we have to earn and sacrifice for what we want. I’m currently a full-time student and working part time, this is what many people consider “the college life”, the time for you to enjoy and have fun. For me however, is the time to learn and absorb all I can. The present me will reflect the future me, what I do for myself now is what I’ll make of my future.

I moved out of my house. I’m living with my boyfriend in Miami Beach and working full-time as a sales associate at Diesel. I like my job but its something temporary. I’m taking math tutoring trying my hardest to get good grades and focus on school. I am urged to graduated with an Associates in Arts and move on with the next step in my life. On my free time I work out and spend time in my house with my dog and boyfriend. My hobbies are getting to know all the restaurants I can, studying and going to the movies. I live a pretty grounded life.

People have different goals in life. My present goals are to graduate from Miami Dade College within a year and transfer to the University of Boston. Get at least B in all my classes and get a degree in chemical engineering with a minor in environmental engineering. I believe in the “go green “ campaign, we are destroying the world. We need to take responsibility and do something to save it. Like in everything there should be a balance, there should be people caring and not caring about the environment. I

have been thinking and I need a change in my life, I decided to move to Boston before summer 2013 and find a job.

Recently I started going to the gym not to just work out, but also to have a healthier body and life. I started cooking more at home, which is healthier than anything and cheaper. I am responsible and like things to be done the proper way. Right now I am focusing more...
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