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Week 1
Identify strengths, weaknesses and find out personal information. In the first week of this six week psychological skills training program you would meet with the performer and coach and discuss psychological barriers to their performance e.g. anxiety, this will help reduce negative mental habits using imagery and goal setting. Long term objectives: A long term objective for performer A would be to reduce anxiety and boost confidence levels. For example there low self-esteem levels effects his thought processes in a negative way this could cause him to miss often and can throw off their game. Strengths of performer: They are motivated and committed to their sport he also shows good leadership qualities and attitude. They have anxiety issues, struggling with confidence this is causing them to have a decrease in performance levels also low self-esteem levels and concentration.

Week 2
This week is I will try to reduce anxiety in the performer through goal setting. I’m going to do this by setting a simple goal for the performer to achieve this will help improve their focus towards achieving goals. These smaller goals that are easily achievable help with motivation to accomplish them. The main short term goal for this week is to score 5-6 free throws in training whilst maintaining this ratio in real matches. This will increase confidence levels and allow the performer to be more relaxed on the court. The reason for setting these goals is so the performer comes familiar with success by completing their goals. This will help increase their desire to scoring baskets on the court. Week 3

This week I will start to use imagery in the performers training. Imagery is used to create a mental picture of a skill using the bodies senses to recreate and rehearse game situations then imagining positive outcomes for that skill. The performer is going to imagine taking a free throw and scoring then recreate the situation as accurately as possible 10 minutes before...
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