Happiness and Hard Work

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LA Expository Essay
– What is your idea of happiness?

“Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.” Groucho Marx once said. People always try to forget about yesterday, ignore tomorrow, and live through today happily. But what is happiness and how do we achieve it? Happiness, is a positive feeling that allows people to feel cheerful and not sulk. In this essay, I will be discussing three idea of happiness, namely, receiving our heart’s desire, achieving our goals, and having a loving family. Happiness can only be achieved if you know you are okay and happy.

Happiness is achieved when one received one’s heart desire. This is a feeling of contentment, relieve and promise after anticipation, eagerness and hurry. Imagine seeing something that you really like. However you cannot afford it. Imagine that disappointment. After a few month when you saved enough money, you went back straight away, and brought it home. This is the moment that you had waited for a long time. The wonderful feeling of contentment overwhelmed you inside and you felt so glad that all the savings paid off. This is happiness when you got something that you really wanted.

Happiness is achieved when one achieved one’s goals with lots of hard work. This is a feeling of accomplishment, contentment and glee after months or years of hard work, perspiration and burnt midnight oil. Perhaps you wanted to be a good scientist. Thus from young you started to study science hard. You did not give up during difficult times. And after you graduated from a really good university, got a science degree and became a well-known scientist, you felt so good that your hard work had paid off. You had succeeded. This is happiness when you achieved your goals after lots of hard work.

Happiness is when you know your love ones are well. It is a feeling of relieve. Not long ago, I accompanied my mother to the hospital in an ambulance. She scared...
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