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When was the last time someone asked you what truly makes you happy? I remember the last day of high school sitting in my ninth period math class just staring at the clock counting the minutes that had gone by. All I kept thinking was how I wanted to be laying out on the beach and having fun with my friends, not sitting in that boring class listening to the boring teacher. Once that bell had run I was so relieved and so happy that I could now enjoy my summer down by the beach with my friends, which is exactly what I wanted and thats when I realized what truly made me happy.

Happiness is not something someone can buy it is a feeling. What makes people happy depends on the individual. Being happy is a very important aspect in life. Without happiness the world would be a miserable place. If there was no happiness no one would feel good about anything and they would start destroying things because they simply did not care. Happiness is contagious because everyone wants it. When one person is happy it can spread happiness throughout a bunch of people.

Happiness can mean living life just the way they always dreamed of. If someone’s dream was to live in a big mansion and have five children, and one day that dream became a reality, they would be very happy. Everyone has different things that interest them and when they follow their heart they are truly happy. People need to make sure they enjoy the things they thought they wanted in life. Some people may have always wanted to be a doctor, but once they became a doctor it was not what they expected. In their case they thought being a doctor would make them happy but in the end they realized that it did not.

My dream is to eventually live in a nice beautiful home right on the beach. I wish for a large open house where my husband and I can live with children someday. If that dream ever came true that would make me so happy knowing that I have achieved what I had always dreamed of. Just dreaming of that...
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