Hansel & Gretel

Topics: Brothers Grimm, Hansel and Gretel, Grimm's Fairy Tales Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: April 10, 2013
The fairy tale Hansel and Gretel by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm is a great story for kids because it shows kids that they should be brave, protective and have confidents in themselves. Hansel is one of the protagonist in the fairy tale, he had many obstacles at a young age, like parents leaving him and his sister in the wood by themselves, with their lives at stake. Also, Hansel is a hero because through his actions he is smart, caring, and shows leadership.

Such as, Hansel using his smartness and overhears his parents planning to leave him and his sister in the forest. Then Hansel goes outside and gets pebbles, to find a way back home. Although, he is smart, but he is also clever, thus, he tricked the witch into thinking that he was not getting healthier or fatter. If that’s not enough, Hansel also took the witch’s jewels for the family wealth. Caring and being clever at a moment like that is difficult.

Not only does Hansel's show he is smart but he also shows leadership. For example, Hansel always had a plan to get home from the forest. Like when he dropped bread crumbs on the way to the forest. Nevertheless, he took home Gretel every time, when their parents left them in the forest. Therefore, Hansel told Gretel what to do most of the times. For instance, when they saw the witch’s house, Hansel said “Let’s eat!” (p.141) and ate the first bite just to see if it was safe. Being caring and showing leadership again!

Hansel is as caring as much as he is smart and shows leadership. Like when he calmed down Gretel and told her that they would always get home. Also, he doesn’t hold things against people; Hansel forgave his dad for trying to leave him and his sister in the forest two times because the first time, Hansel and Gretel came back from the forest following Hansel’s smart plan. Finally, Hansel took home Gretel couple of times. Once, by following the pebbles and other by knowing the forest after they crossed the lake. Being a young boy as Hansel and going...
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